Thursday, February 25, 2010

THURSDAY: Naked Reading and 1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up

Naked Reading isn't quite what it sounds like, although the provocative title is certainly attention grabbing. It is an exciting examination of tween reading - what works, what doesn't, what teachers/parents/librarians can do to help encourage reading in this age group.

1001 Children's Books is a hefty book. Bring a bag - or a forklift - if you plan to buy this one or get it from the library. It is a treat to read, though. I was reminded of books I read and loved as a kid, and I was introduced to scads more that I would like to read some day.

Teachers, grandparents, parents or librarians looking for new material to encourage young readers should check out both of these books. They are tremendous resources!

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