Friday, February 26, 2010

FRIDAY: Killer Sudoku and Ghost Sudoku

 In Killer Sudoku, Liza is at a sudoku tournament with old friends (including two of her three suitors) and new. But one by one, the top contenders start dying. Can Liza find a killer before she is the next champ targeted?

In Ghost Sudoku, Liza returns home after a two week secret vacation (to recover from her last adventure) and finds out she is somehow running for mayor. By the time Liza gets out of the race, she knows way more about the local political machine than she ever cared to... and someone is dead.

I enjoyed both mysteries. In Ghost, I figured out the who and the how fairly early, but there were still plenty of clues about why for me to discover. The puzzles are great, too. I got both books from the library, so I had to transfer the puzzles to paper in order to work them, and they range in difficulty from fairly simple to ones that stretch out over several days. Answers are included. My review of other books in the series can be found here.

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