Monday, February 15, 2010

MONDAY: The Monster Who Ate my Peas

A boy has to eat his peas to get his dessert. But they are green... and slimy... and he just can't do it. A monster offers to do the job for him in exchange for the boy's brand new soccer ball. Once the peas - and the ball - are gone, the boy misses his ball and vows to never bargain with the monster again. But that vow is hard to keep while staring at a pile of slimy green peas. When the monster insists on a trade for the boy's favorite thing in the world, will he have the courage to turn the monster down?

I am very picky about the picture books I read and a lot of that pickiness has to do with the illustrations. The illustrations for The Monster Who Ate My Peas are generally not a style I like, but the story idea was so clever, I had to pick it up. The illustrations are a great fit for the story being told. I think kids would really enjoy this story! (Little Pea is a book I LOVE that relates to this same idea of kids not wanting to eat their vegetables. I reviewed it here. If you haven't read it, check it out!) 

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