Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TUESDAY: Mike Stellar: Nerves of Steel

Mike is just a regular kid in the year 2174. He likes video games, deals with an annoying older sister, has a best friend (named Stinky).... Oh, and he just found out he's moving to Mars!

The last mission to Mars ended in disaster, and everyone seems to think Mike's parents had something to do with that. When strange things start happening this time, Mike and his new friend Larc, will have to dodge their parents, the suspicious "Sugar Bear" (Mike's mom's assistant), and their teacher, Mrs. Halebopp (a teacher he didn't like on earth, much less in space!) if they are going to figure out what's really going on and save the day.

Fun, quirky little story that I think kids will love. I know the cover and jacket information got my son's attention. He can't wait to hear this one!

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