Monday, November 2, 2009

MONDAY: Oh Ducky!

Oh, Ducky! A Chocolate Calamity is a new favorite at our house, although I think part of it is that my son likes to say "calamity!"

In the story, Mr. Peters runs a chocolate factory and Johnny works at the factory. He brings his rubber ducky with him to work, so that his duck can watch the candy making process. Unfortunately, Ducky falls into the machine one day, bringing candy production to a screeching halt. Mr. Peters has to dive into the chocolate tubes to figure out what has happened to his factory and Ducky.

This is a fun story for the picture book crowd as well as early readers. The illustrations are full of chocolate-y fun (especially the pictures of Mr. Peters trek through the chocolate tubes). While we first enjoyed the story from the library, we will be purchasing our own copy in the near future.

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