Thursday, October 29, 2009

THURSDAY: You're Teaching My Child What?

Another gem discovered while browsing the new non-fiction shelf at our fantastic local library! This is an alarming book about the things taught by sex education "experts" in our culture. The author highlights the qualifications (or lack thereof) of personnel at websites that are recommended to teens who want more information about sex, birth control and disease prevention. She talks about the physical and emotional realities of sex for teenage girls and how different they are from boys. This was a book I had to read with my thumb in the notes section at the back of the book. The notes are extensive, offering additional information rather than just the title of the work cited. The notes were as informative as the meat of the book. The author clarifies that she is an Orthodox Jew and she shares the moral values of abstinence, but she writes the book as a physician and a scientist first and foremost, so there is little if any religious content in her discussion.

If you are looking for a non-religious discussion of sex education and information how to best prepare your own children, this is a great resource!

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