Thursday, October 22, 2009

THURSDAY: Nurture Shock

I had been hearing about this book a lot, so when I saw it at the library, I snatched it up. Each chapter looks at research on a different topic related to children - praise, peer relationships, lying, sleep, brain development, etc. The authors are transparent about their expectations and often the research does not fit those expectations, making it all the more interesting.

If you like non-fiction and reading about children and their development or about parenting, this is a great new resource for you. If you are struggling with a child who is lying, the chapter on lying could be enlightening for you. The authors have an extensive website, with links to related information if you want to know more about the studies and results described in the book. The book is shorter than it may seem in person; there are 100 pages of notes and an index that take up a good chunk of the volume.

I am discussing some of the research in more detail at my personal blog this week and next week - come check it out and weigh in on some of the questions!

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