Monday, October 19, 2009

MONDAY: There Is a Bird on Your Head

I don't think you can go wrong with a Mo Willems book, but I have not followed the Elephant and Piggie line very closely. I first heard about this book from my sister-in-law with a strong recommendation from my nieces (ages 4 and 7). Since they loved it, I reserved it at the library immediately.

Elephant has a bird on his head - and he doesn't like it very much. He likes it even less when the first bird is joined by a second and they start to make Elephant's head their new home. Piggie's facial expressions and Elephant's exasperation are a hoot, but nothing compared to the great ending. These books are just right for my early reader - the story captures his attention and the language is manageable for his reading level.

You can find out about more of Mo Willems' books here. You can also go here and also here to read about Mo at the National Book Festival. Come back next Monday and read about my all time favorite Mo Willems book!

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