Friday, October 16, 2009

FRIDAY: Meg Langslow series by Donna Andrews

This is one of my favorite mystery series. I seem to be drawn towards series with punny titles and laugh-out-loud moments and this series has both. My poor husband has been "treated" to many sections of the books because I find them so funny I want to share them with someone.

Murder with Peacocks is the first in the series and Swan for the Money is the most recent. Each mystery usually has something to do with birds, either directly or peripherally. Meg's family is completely wacky, which is part of what makes the series fun. I love that Meg has a "notebook-that-tells-me-when-to-breathe." I have notebooks and clipboards and lists that do the same for me! The mysteries are well plotted which is important when a series is 11 books long - other series that I have loved have gotten lame over time. Not true with Donna Andrews. If you like laughter with your mystery, check out this series!

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