Friday, September 18, 2009

FRIDAY: The Nursery Crimes series

When Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and dies in The Big Overeasy, Nursery Crimes detective Jack Spratt is on the case to determine if it was an accident... or murder! In The Fourth Bear, Jack's nemesis, the murderous Gingerbreadman, is on the run from the asylum and the reporter, Goldilocks, is missing.

I am a huge fan of fractured fairy tales and these books are a huge part of my collection. I haven't yet read Fforde's Thursday Next series, but I have heard rave reviews of it. The reviews at Amazon from the "professionals" aren't glowing, but the ones entered by readers are strong, and I agree with them. In my opinion, this series is entirely too short! I have hounded Amazon and the internet for news of a third book in the series. He is scheduled to release a new book at the end of this year, but it isn't part of either of Fforde's existing series.

If you enjoy punny satire with a fractured fairy-tale spin, check these out!

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