Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TUESDAY: Harry Potter Should Have Died

For the rest of this week, I will be looking at some of the commentary books written about the series. Harry Potter Should Have Died is one written by the people who run MuggleNet - a HUGE Harry Potter fan site with movie news and essays about the books.

In this book, the authors pose various questions about the books and two to four arguments are given for each question and then they give their opinion. For example, one question is "Is the Epilogue a letdown?" One person wrote about why it was a let down ( not enough information about the things fans wanted to know - about jobs for the main characters and for more information on other "lesser" characters.) and another said it was just right the way it was. Other questions include "What is the most shocking moment in the series?" and "Who helps Harry more on his quest, Ron or Hermoine?"

This book is a great discussion starter if you are sitting around with other fans of the series. I didn't agree with everything they said in their essays (and a couple of the questions were just not interesting), but it was a fun and different take on the series that I enjoyed.

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