Monday, August 24, 2009

MONDAY: He Came with the Couch

Sophie and her family are on the hunt for a new couch. They finally find one at Larry's 24 Hour Rummage. But it comes with a little blue guy with spikey hair attached to it. Will they ever be able to get rid of him? Do they want to?

Cute story! I loved the illustrations of the places the family goes with the little guy in their efforts to inspire him to leave the couch. {Look for hidden couches in the pictures!} Very clever story with a great ending.

[Late addition: Here is some great information about David Slonim from his website!]


  1. Jaymie,

    The author of this book is a friend of mine-in real life and on FB. He lives near Anderson.


  2. That's cool - next time you talk to him, tell him we loved it!