Friday, August 21, 2009

FRIDAY: Cut, Crop and Die

Scrapbooker, Kiki Lowenstein is getting ready to kick off a great crop with her boss and coworkers from Time in a Bottle when the nasty Yvonne Graynor snarfs down her snacks and drops dead. The scrapbooking store competition is stirring up the community with slanderous statements. Kiki's boss is getting anti-semetic threats at the shop. If Kiki isn't careful, she's going to lose her precious and fulfilling job. And she needs if if she's going to take care of her daughter (a "delightful" almost-teenager who's pushing all of Kiki's buttons) and rebuild her life.

Another great mystery in this series! Slan has her own website where you can sign up for email news and see where Slan will be on book tours. She also has a blog, as does her scrapbooking character, Kiki.

Warning - there is a hilarious passage about "adult toys" that might catch sensitive readers off guard.

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