Friday, August 28, 2009

FRIDAY: The Accidental Bestseller

Kendall Aims is a mid-list author hoping to climb a little higher to get a little more "love" from her editor and publishing house. Instead, she gets dropped by the publisher. But she still has to give them one last book. All of that is crushing enough, but Kendall's husband has a little surprise for her, too - his girlfriend.

Kendall runs to her family hideaway to lick her wounds. Her three best gal-pals, also writers, join her to help get her final book on track so that she can move on from this publisher and find a place where she belongs. The new book is supposed to be about four writers - friends not unlike the friends who surround Kendall. What could it hurt to have each woman write a character? No one would ever figure out how many of the stories are actually true, right?

This was a terrific story! Lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. It's a little painful at times to read about Kendall, stuck in limbo knowing what she should be doing, but powerless to do it in her misery. Her friends are a great source of support even though things don't quite go how they all planned. Check out the author's website here where you can read an excerpt of the book!

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