Monday, March 4, 2013

CHAPTER BOOK: Mr. Terupt Falls Again by Rob Buyea

Mr. Terupt Falls Again

Mr Terupt and his students are back for their sixth grade year together after the eventful school year chronicled in Because of Mr. Terupt. This time there isn't one event the whole story is moving toward and recovering from, but a series of growth opportunities for each of the students. Lexi falls in with a rough crowd of older kids, Danielle's family is struggling with something but no one will tell her what's going on, and Peter thinks maybe he should fail 6th grade so he doesn't have to move on to a private school next year and leave his friends behind. Luke decides to spend the year as a detective, looking for clues and for an interpretation for those clues (like, why is Mr. Terupt stuttering and stumbling sometimes?). Jeffrey discovers a baby abandoned at the side of the road, and the experience effects him deeply. And Anna decides she wants to know the story about her father. And it wouldn't be a school year with Mr. Terupt if there weren't some awesome projects to stretch his students in new ways.

This was a delightful read. Since I read the two stories pretty close to one another, I was able to really see how each of the students wrestled with their problems, grew from them, and matured. I loved the way the kids interacted with one another and how their teachers guided them through the events of the year. I can't say enough good things about the two Mr. Terupt books!

5 out of 5 stars
AR level of 4.5

Recommended for: Fans of the first book in the series, students in 4th grade and up

Cautions: One student is exposed to alcohol and tries smoking, one of the girls in the story stuffs her bra, trying to get the attention of some boys, and two of the girls get their periods for the first time. I thought the author handled these in a really great way, but younger readers might be puzzled or need additional conversation about these parts of the story. 

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  1. Very true, very true. I can't agree anymore. The book is awesome!!