Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CHAPTER BOOK: The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee by Tom Angleberger

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee (Origami Yoda Series #3) (B&N Exclusive Edition)

Dwight is at Tippett Academy and life at McQuarrie Middle School just isn't the same without him - or without Origami Yoda to give advice to kids. But then Sara arrives with a Fortune Wookiee (and Han Foldo to translate), so kids with questions have somewhere to go again for advice. But when Tommy gets word that Dwight is changing at Tippett - and not for the better - he's got reason to create a whole new case file.

Great set up throughout this book for a coming battle with Principal Rabbski that is sure to be epic. That means there will be more Origami Yoda books to come and that makes me very happy - and makes my students ecstatic! This story has some great Star Wars references, good "problems" and solutions. The "voice" of Han Solo is fantastically done - you can just hear the snark and sarcasm.

4 out of 5 stars
No AR rating at this time

Recommended for: Fans of the other books in the series, kids 3rd grade and up. Teachers might enjoy these for classroom read-alouds. Lessons and discussion could be built around writing (what could students keep a case file about?), problem solving (how would you have advised this student? Is the Fortune Wookie's advice good?), voice (each character's portion is written in a different font, which is a fun visual for voice, but students could easily talk about how Tommy's "voice" is different than Harvey's, etc.)

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