Friday, May 11, 2012

FRIDAY: Save the Cupcake! and Partners in Crime

A few weeks ago I started highlighting some of the books I skimmed during our spring book fair. I never got to finish going through them, so here are two more.

In Save the Cupcake!, Hayley's world is falling apart (her mom lost her job, they are living with Hayley's grandmother, and her best friend isn't acting like much of a friend). Her love of baking is the one constant in her life but a parent wants to ban cupcakes from the school. Maybe Hayley and some new friends can save the cupcake. Includes recipes. A sequel is scheduled to come out September 1st.

In Partners in Crime, Darcy and Norah create a detective agency website for a class project. Just for fun, they leave the page up and pretty soon they have an actual case! Someone wants them to track down a missing person - but someone else wants the girls to leave this case alone. Two more books in the series are due out this summer.

I enjoyed both books and I bought them for our library. I think my girls will enjoy reading them and I'm sure someone will try the recipes in Save the Cupcake! (Hopefully they will bring samples to school to share!)

4 out of 5 stars for both books
No AR rating yet.

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