Monday, January 2, 2012

MONDAY: Finally by Wendy Mass

Rory has been waiting forever to be 12. She's heard "Well, you can do that when you are 12," so many times, she started writing them all down and keeping them in a special box. But the day has FINALLY arrived. She is 12. Now she can go to a boy/girl party, get her ears pierced, stay alone in the house, babysit, get a cell phone, and more. Even more excellent, her favorite movie star is filming at her school! But some of those special things she's been waiting for for years don't turn out quite like Rory planned. 

Of the three Willow Falls books, this was probably my favorite. This story was unusual because Rory doesn't really recognize what is happening until all the pieces come together in the end. Through most of the story it is one disaster after another. But you get glimpses of Rory's character as she interacts with different people in the story. And she starts to think more critically about her list of things she wants to do now that she is 12, evaluating if she really wants to do those things, or if she only liked the idea of them. This story makes me want to read 13 Gifts again to see where this story fits in the "series."

4 out of 5 stars
AR level of 4.6

Recommended for: fans of the other Willow Falls stories or the author's other stories.

Cautions:  None

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