Monday, January 9, 2012

MONDAY: Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to not Reading by Tommy Greenwald

Charlie Joe Jackson is not a reading fan. In fact, a lot of his time and energy is spent developing schemes to get out of reading. Unfortunately for Charlie, his primary scheme, which has been working for years, gets discovered. Now Charlie will have to do his own reading for a change.... or will he?

Fun story that will appeal to readers and reluctant readers, both. Charlie Joe's tips for non-reading and the short chapters make this a fast read. Kids will enjoy Charlie's scheming. Older readers will recognize that Charlie expends more energy on his schemes than he would if he just read the book in the first place.

3 out of 5 stars
AR level of 5.4

Recommended for: readers 12 and up, reluctant readers, readers who like stories of kids working a plan or scheme to fake out teachers/other grown ups

Cautions: one reference to sex ed, references to dating and crushes lead me to push my recommended ages up even though there are elements that would appeal to all middle grade readers (4th-8th grade)

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