Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WEDNESDAY: The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts

Yes, it's another non-WAITING Wednesday. With Christmas coming, I wanted to get this review in now.

Ambrose the cat is in HUGE trouble. He is on his ninth life and barely hanging onto a thin tree branch in a storm, staring into the huge teeth of a hungry dog. Ambrose promises the powers-that-be that if he is rescued, he will use the rest of his final life to do something good for someone else. Who better to help, then, than the man who scares away the dog, saving Ambrose. It takes awhile to get the man, Zach, to let Ambrose into his home. And then Zach insists on calling him "Tom." How ordinary! And that woman Zach calls "Baby" is absolutely hideous. Ambrose must convince Zach to keep him and to find a much nicer lady-friend to spend his life with so Ambrose can enjoy the rest of his ninth and final life.

This was a cute holiday story. Ambrose's perspective on the things and people in Zach's life gave a fun "voice" to parts of the story. The single adults in the story seemed a little over-focused on the physical parts of their relationships, rather than looking for a more well-rounded relationship, but the main characters are fun to read about. My favorite part was when one character goes shopping with her sisters. Their relationship was refreshing and their interactions were fun to read. The ending came together really quickly, but I enjoyed how it all came together.

4 out of 5 stars.

Recommended for: readers looking for a fun, light holiday story; readers who enjoy animal stories

Cautions: references to Ambrose's previous lives - and the ways he died in each one -- might weird out some more sensitive readers.

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