Monday, December 26, 2011

MONDAY: 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass

Amanda and Leo are about to celebrate their 11th birthdays - on the same day, but alone. It didn't use to be this way. They used to be inseparable. They have been together for every birthday since the day they were born. But on the day they turned 10, Amanda heard Leo say some hurtful things about her and they haven't spoken since. 
But this birthday has gotten a little weird. Every day, when Amanda wakes up, it's her 11th birthday again. Okay, I guess that's a lot weird. Amanda and Leo will have to put their past behind them and dig into the past of their ancestors to get to the bottom of what is happening to them if they ever hope to see the day AFTER their 11th birthday.

Fun story! The idea of reliving a day until someone gets it right is a familiar one, but it is done with a twist here because Amanda and Leo eventually get to work on the problem together and because there's an historic element to it. I like the relationship between Amanda and Leo and it was nice to get some of the backstory I was missing when I read 13 Gifts. Great start to the Willow Falls stories.

4 out of 5 stars
AR level of 4.1

Recommended for: Fans of Wendy Mass' other books, or other books that take place in Willow Falls, readers who enjoy stories with a little bit of magic to them.

Cautions: None

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