Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TUESDAY: The Extra-Ordinary Princess

Amelia is a princess, but she never quite fits in with her older sisters. She's not as good as they are at princess-y things and she even struggles with school. Her family loves her, but she still feels out of step and "ordinary." But when her parents die from a mysterious plague sweeping their land, and an evil uncle swoops in and takes over the kingdom, Amelia is the only one who can rally her people and save her home.

I loved this book. I thought it was absolutely fantastic. The story meanders a bit at the beginning. The author doesn't lay out the back story in a linear way. In other books I find that distracting, but in this one I was enjoying the characters and the writing so much, I didn't care. Once the stage is set, the story moves forward quickly with plenty of conflict and danger for the characters to keep the reader flipping pages to see what happens next. Check this one out!

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