Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TUESDAY: A Whole Nother Story

Mr. Cheeseman is an inventor. His latest project is a time machine. Everyone wants this time machine, including the people who killed his wife. Now, Mr. Cheeseman and his three children are always looking over their shoulders, leaving town at a moment's notice (thanks to their psychic hairless fox terrier). In their travels, they run into a spy, a chimp who does impressions, government agents, thugs from an evil conglomerate, a cowboy poet and a traveling circus.

This was a funny and quirky story. There were parts that seemed random but they all came together in the end. Great "voice" and use of a narrator. My writing students try to pull this off, and now I have a great example to show them how it can be done well. The voice is so good that you forget to ask how the narrator knows everything he does. The ending left things up in the air. If this is supposed to be part of a series, that is okay, but if not, it is a little unsatisfying - at least, it was for me. 

I mentioned this book on Waiting on Wednesday. It was worth waiting for.

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