Tuesday, March 9, 2010

TUESDAY: The Princess Plot

This is another book that I read ages ago and LOVED. Can't believe I didn't review it before now.

Jenna is used to her life, even though it is frustrating at times. It's just her and her mom... her over-protective, suffocating mom who gives etiquette lessons for a living. Not a lot of fun.

But when movie people show up, offering auditions and a role in a real movie, Jenna decides her life needs a little excitement. She has no idea what she is walking into!

Before she really knows what's happening, she's on a private airplane to a foreign country where she is supposed to pretend to be a princess. But something doesn't add up. Overheard conversations, a missing boy and a real princess who looks so much like Jenna they could be twins all start pointing to this being about something a lot more serious than a movie role.

This is a fantastic contemporary princess story. The mystery is well-done, with bits of information doled out here and there so you see some of the things coming, but there are some surprises, too. Terrific story!

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