Friday, March 5, 2010

FRIDAY: Wicked Craving

Wife of a weight-loss doctor dies, bringing his life and business under scrutiny from Savannah and her team because something is just not right. Did the killer want the doctor instead? His inappropriate relations with clients and shady weight-loss techniques haven't made him any friends. 

The doctor and his wife are not at all what they seem to be and it looks like their bad choices and their past has finally caught up with them. But with so many suspects to choose from, how will Savannah figure out who really offed the wife?

I love these characters. This is a great mystery series. There is a little language and innuendo, but I didn't find it to be at all distracting from the story. I reviewed last year's release for the series here. Every year I start my hunt early for the latest book in this series. If you haven't checked out Savannah and the Midnight Magnolia Detective Agency, give them a try.

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