Friday, November 13, 2009

FRIDAY: Rachel Benjamin series by Jennifer Sturman

I am disappointed to see that Amazon only has the last book available for purchase because this is a great series. In fact, I was disappointed to have it end with only 4 books. Maybe you can find the series at your local library or through another book seller.

In the first book of the series, Rachel and her friends are prepping for the wedding of one of their own, only none of them likes the groom. When he turns up dead on the morning of the wedding, no one is very broken up about it. Rachel starts investigating in order to clear her friends from suspicion, discovering a new love interest (who is also her primary suspect) in the process of uncovering a murderer.

In the subsequent books, Rachel deals with her romantic relationships and her work life while also tracking a stalker, a serial killer, proving herself innocent of murder and finding a missing friend. This is a fun series. Whenever a new book came out in this series, I bought it on the day of release. In fact, reviewing it here makes me want to read them all again! Check out the Rachel Benjamin series by Jennifer Sturman.

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