Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yes, it's another week when our schedule is a little off - a picture book review on a Wednesday instead of Monday. Had to be done so I could review another book on Monday. But here is your picture book for the week.

An old, furry dog decides the best way to cool off is to get a little wet. And a hose, a sink full of dishes, a mud puddle and a lake seem like perfect spots to cool off and then "shakey-shake, shake." But when the lake is the site of a wedding reception, Wet Dog might be in big trouble.

I especially loved David Catrow's illustrations. They really made this story special. I reviewed another Elise Broach book a few weeks ago, and didn't like those illustrations as much. The story really made the book in that case. In this one, I think it is the illustrations. I just wanted to hug Wet Dog, he looked so sweet.

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