Friday, October 9, 2009

FRIDAY: Heather Wells series

Heather Wells is a former teen pop star. Her mom ran off with her money and her boyfriend dumps her, so she has to strike out on her own. Her ex's hunky brother offers her a place to stay while she sorts out her life. She gets a job as an assistant dorm director, hoping to offset the cost of college by working for the school. When students start to die, Heather starts to use her campus relationships to help her investigate.

In subsequent stories, murder continues to occur on campus (victims include a cheerleader who loses her head and an interim dorm director), and Heather's personal life gets more complicated with boyfriends and her ex-con father. I wouldn't say these books are "great literature" or even the best mysteries I have ever read. But I thought they were a fun combination of mystery and chick lit, and I liked them enough to stalk the library shelves whenever a new book was released.

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