Friday, October 2, 2009

FRIDAY: Alice Kimberly series

The Ghost and Mrs. McClure is the first book in a mildly supernatural mystery series by "Alice Kimberly" (Cleo Coyle, author of the Coffeehouse mystery series). I say "mildly supernatural " because the paranormal has become the latest trend in books and some push my boundaries of what is evil and what is interesting reading. This series does not push that boundary.

In the first book, Penelope Thornton-McClure manages a mystery bookstore with her Aunt Sadie. Unfortunately, an author signing books in her store keels over right after linking the store to a decades-old murder. Pen would like to get to the bottom of what happened to the author, especially since it happened in her store. She finds help from an unlikely source - the ghost living in her bookstore, the victim of the very murder the author had mentioned before dying.

Second in the series is The Ghost and the Dead Deb. Third is The Ghost and the Dead Man's Library. The most recent volumes are The Ghost and The Femme Fatale and The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion. These last two are on my TBR pile ("to be read"), but I enjoyed the first three in the series. I did not realize that Cleo Coyle was writing this series until I pulled the last two books out for this review. I have tried the Coffeehouse series, but haven't connected with it so far. I may have to give those another try.

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