Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TUESDAY: Captain Nobody

Newt Newman lives in the shadow of his older brother, Chris, high school football star. When Chris is knocked into a coma at the end of The Big Game, Newt feels even more invisible. Newt stumbles into a Halloween costume that changes everything. He becomes confident and people start taking notice of him. He's Captain Nobody!

This was a fantastic story. I just wanted to hug Newt! I was frustrated with his family through the first half of the book, wondering how parents can essentially forget a child. Probably my "root for the underdog" tendencies. I was glad to see them come around and strike a little balance between caring for their younger son while dealing with the injury of the older one. The three main characters are endearing and Newt's evolution is a joy to watch. Check out Captain Nobody's website here. The author's website can be found here - be sure to read the "About Dean" page. You may recognize some of his other work!

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