Friday, September 4, 2009

FRIDAY: What Looks Like Crazy

Katie is a therapist with a very confusing personal life. Her aunt and mother are eccentric junk dealers who have taken it as their personal mission to decorate her new place (including the semi-pornographic sculpture they set in cement in her front yard). She has a nasty, nosy neighbor, an ex-boyfriend who is a complete sleaze and she is about to get a divorce even though she is still in love with her husband. As she tries to help out an eccentric group of clients as they deal with their mental health issues, she also has to start to get a handle on her own life.

This was a fun mystery with lots of interesting characters floating through Katie's office. The ex-boyfriend is awful, and watching Katie juggle all the things and people in her life were wearing me out. But it was worth it all for a good mystery and main characters that I enjoyed (except for that ex-boyfriend of hers - ewww!)

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  1. I've never read this author before but it sounds like a funny story! :-)