Friday, September 11, 2009

FRIDAY: The Penny Pincher's Club

Kat has been living the life of a shopaholic, but has a rude awakening when she discovers her husband's secret bank account and email exchanges with his young and sexy assistant. She has a mountain of debt, a daughter about to start college, and divorce may be looming. Kat needs a financial makeover. Send in the Penny Pincher's Club!

Can she learn new habits and find some financial independence before her husband leaves her? Will her wealthy ex-fiance be another source of hope and help?

I never could connect with Strohmeyer's mystery series, but her stand alone novels, like Sweet Love, The Sleeping Beauty Proposal and The Cinderella Pact have been a treat for me to read. I look forward every summer to a new one and have never been disappointed. In fact, Penny Pinchers inspired me to look at our own household spending in a new way to see where we can pinch a few more pennies. Enjoy this one!

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  1. Thanks, Jaymie....Is it okay to admit that it's a relief to find someone who prefers my stand alones to the mystery series? I mean, besides my editor and critics?
    Thank you so much for the nice plug. Though I'm thinking of buying a new TV....some Penny Pincher me!