Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TUESDAY: Extra Credit

Abby is desperate. If she doesn't pull her grades up and start turning in her homework, she'll have to repeat 6th grade. She will do anything to keep that from happening - even an extra credit pen-pal project.

Sadeed is a 6th grader in Afghanistan. He is the best in his school at reading and writing in English, so he is the best one to respond to Abby's letter. But it would be improper for a boy to write to a girl. Instead, Sadeed is supposed to transcribe letters for his little sister. But Sadeed soon finds there are things he wishes to say to Abby himself.

This was fantastic! Andrew Clements is my all time favorite author for kids and his newest offering will be going right on my son's book shelf to wait until he is old enough to enjoy them.

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