Monday, August 3, 2009

MONDAY: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry can't wait to get back to wizarding school, but the summer is dragging by with no word from any of his friends. His aunt and uncle have locked up his pet owl and all of his spell books, and even have him locked in his room pretending "not to exist" while his uncle has an important dinner party. A strange little creature appears in Harry's room telling him not to go back to Hogwarts and ruining the dinner party when Harry refuses. The creature believes Harry will be in danger back at school.

The creature isn't wrong. Something is definitely going on at Hogwarts. Students are being attacked by a monster and some people think Harry is to blame. He and Ron and Hermione will have to use all of their wits and gifts in order to solve the mystery and save the school.

This is probably my least favorite book of the series. The book contains important set-up information for the larger story, but it is a transitional book. The wonder of the first book has passed, and the later books provide more back story, character development and clues for the larger mystery. This one is moving you from point A to point C. There are some great moments, however. I am noticing as I re-read the series this summer that my favorite character, Ron Weasley, show some delightful insight into people and situations. And he brings wizarding-world knowledge that the other two main characters don't have. The movies can make Ron out to be a dolt sometimes; the books give a better picture of what Ron brings to the trio.

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