Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TUESDAY: The Sisters Eight (series)

A set of octuplets anticipate a festive New Year's Eve at home with their parents, but when Daddy goes out for firewood and Mommy heads to the kitchen, they both disappear. The girls find a note telling them they each have a power to discover and a gift to find in order to figure out what happened to their parents. So the eight 7-year olds try to get through day to day life without any grown ups to help them out.

I enjoyed the "voice" of the prologue that sets up the book; that is what first drew me into the story. The first book is Annie's story, but you get a glimpse of each girl's personality. The story is told from a "we" perspective, which is interesting. I'm not sure I see seven year olds in my head as I read the story, though. That seems a bit young. I am eager to see how the story evolves as each girl gets her turn in the spotlight. Another interesting thing is that the book is a family affair, with the author's husband and daughter helping with the development of the story - a neat example for kids who love to write.

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