Thursday, July 23, 2009

THURSDAY: Clean and Simple Scrapbooking

Some scrapbookers are really in-the-know about the big names in scrapbooking. I am not really one of those people. I know a few names of the people I really like and connect with and the rest are a mystery to me. Cathy Zielske is one of the names that I know. In fact, in looking at some old scrapbooking magazines a few weeks ago, I can pick out a page of hers at a glance. Sometimes it is because I recognize her kids from years of their pages in magazines and reading her blog. But often it is becuase of her style - it is "clean and simple." She doesn't care if she uses the same basic layout over and over and over again. It is just a tool to help her tell her story. She is a graphic designer by profession, so she offers lots of good information about how to use fonts and space well on a page. These two books are the foundation for what I do when I am scrapbooking.

[Cathy also teaches classes occasionally at Big Picture Scrapbooking. In the fall of 2009 she is doing a class called Me: The Abridged Version.]

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