Thursday, July 30, 2009

THURSDAY: 10-10-10

10-10-10 is basically a decision making concept. The idea is to think about the impact your choice will make 10 minutes from now (or in the immediate future), 10 months from now, and 10 years from now (or long-term). It seems pretty simple, but it can really help you make difficult choices. the book is full of stories from people who have had decisions to make and tried this idea and how it helped them think through the pros and cons of a choice. She recommends asking yourself the following question: "Knowing what I know now about my options and consequences, which decision will best help me create a life of my own making." Without getting too much into the "life of my own making" stuff, which could be skewed into something very self-serving and selfish, the idea is to make the best choice you can with the information you have available. This book could be very encouraging to someone with some hard choices to make.

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