Monday, July 13, 2009

MONDAY: The Scrambled States of America

The story begins with Kansas, who is tired of being in the middle of the country, seeing the same things day after day and never meeting anyone new. So, he and some of the other middle states decide to throw a party for all of the states so they can get to know one another. During the course of the party, Idaho and Vermont come up with the idea to switch places and see some other parts of the country. So, all the states switch places, but they soon discover that a change of scenery isn't always the best solution.

This is a fun book for kids who are studying the states in school or kids who love maps - or kids who just like a silly story. I read this to my history students (grades 2 and 3) last year and they loved it and my son, who is younger than that, also enjoys the story and seeing the problems the states discover in their new locations.

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