Friday, June 12, 2009

FRIDAY: Puzzle Lady series

Dead Man's Puzzle is the latest in the Puzzle Lady series (A Clue for the Puzzle Lady is the first book in the series). Cora Felton is the Puzzle Lady, known for her syndicated crossword puzzles and comercials and other publicity opportunities. But in reality, it is her niece, Sherry, who writes the puzzles. Core is hopeless at them. Unfortunately, Sherry is on her honeymoon in Africa when a man dies with a crossword next to him. Before long, Cora is surrounded by goofy heirs and more bodies than she knows what to do with!

I don't do crossword puzzles - give me a number or logic puzzle any day! But my dislike of crosswords doesn't keep me from enjoying this series. I think the final interchange in the book sums up things nicely. Sherry asks her aunt what she's been up to while theyve been honeymooning. Cora responds, "Oh. I solved three murders, a fifty-year old convenience store robbery and shot a nonagenarian. The usual."

Cora's banter and evasive answers do get old sometimes but not enough to keep me from diving in to the next book in the series as soon as it comes out! Enjoy!

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