Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TUESDAY: Hatching Pete

Pete is invisible. A teacher doesn't recognize him as a student at the school... and he is in her class! His best friend, Cletus, is the school mascot, one of a long line of family members to wear the chicken suit. Unfortunately, he is also allergic to the suit. What Cletus needs is a best friend who could fill in as the Chicken... But what happens when invisible Pete becomes the most popular Chicken the school has ever had and everyone thinks it is Cletus?

Hatching Pete
is the next Disney Channel original movie, slated to debut on Friday the 24th of April. The book is for ages 9 to 12. The story is pretty simple to follow. Both boys have crushes on girls, and there is some bullying and put downs. Typical high school story lines. I think kids who love all things Disney will enjoy Hatching Pete.

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