Friday, April 17, 2009

FRIDAY: A Body to Die For

The makings of a good mystery: a missing husband, a secret twin, gambling debts, blackmail and an abandoned car with signs of foul play!

Savannah Reid is the take-no-guff heroine of this series that, even after 14 volumes, has not lost any of its quality. This time she is trying to discover what happened to the husband of the health and fitness queen who is a pretty nasty piece of work. At times I had to wonder why she wasn't the victim. As usual, one of Savannah's annoying siblings has to fly out to California and muck things up. I am not sure what purpose it served in this particular story. I prefer the series regulars to the family members (except for Savannah's grandmother, who is always a hoot!). I enjoyed spending a couple hours with some favorite characters in this series.

The first book in the series is Just Desserts [For more sensitive readers, there is some foul language in the book and two members of the crime solving team are a gay couple.]

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