Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WEDNESDAY: How to Hear from God

I am a big Joyce Meyer fan. I find her speaking and her writing to be very accessible. She is easy to understand, she tells great stories, and she is "human." When she explains things, she tattles on herself, telling about times when she fell short in just the way she is talking about. It is comforting to hear, and read, encouragement from someone who has had to battle the same things you and I deal with day to day.

In this particular book, Joyce talks about all the ways God speaks to His people and she gives examples of things we can do to be more tuned into His voice. The chapters are broken down into smaller sections. This makes it an easy book to read when you don't have large blocks of time. You can pick up where you left off very smoothly. She doesn't offer magical formulas or legalistic rules to follow; I am wary of books that promise results only if I do things a certain way. She encourages you to spend time with God - quiet time of just listening, something some of us don't do easily.

If you are seeking God for something in your life, or just looking to be more connected, I believe you will be encouraged by How to Hear from God.

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