Friday, May 6, 2011

FRIDAY: Touched by an Alien

Kitty is just minding her own business, relieved to be done with jury duty and ready to go back to work when the fender bender happens. It's all pretty standard traffic stuff... until one driver sprouts wings, turns into a monster, and starts destroying people and buildings in the immediate area.

Rather than running away, Kitty instinctively runs into the chaos, destroying the monster and attracting the attention of some extremely handsome men in Armani suits. Those men happen to be part of an alien group on Earth to help with the monsters. And that's only the beginning of what Kitty will discover - about herself, her family, her new friends and the universe.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story (first in a series - book 3 came out in April). Kitty is sassy, funny, and courageous. Kitty's love interest is flirty, persistent and protective. The storyline deals with prejudice, exile and persecution in a paranormal/otherworldly sort of way. The author does a fantastic job of world building without doing a "data dump" in the beginning of the book. I found the "voice" of the story to be completely delightful. Kitty is relate-able, believable, and engaging. The banter during one of the big battle scenes made me laugh out loud. I kept reading sections to my husband because I thought they were so funny and well-written. Romantic scenes are detailed, but easily skipped over if a reader isn't interested. As soon as I finished this book, I picked up the next in the series. These are library books, but I will be buying my own set very soon!

5 out of 5 stars

Recommended for: Readers who like paranormal/science-fiction stories with romance and great characters.

Cautions: Adult romantic relationships described in detail.

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